The Penal Code: A Commentary

The Penal Code: A Commentary

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Aug - 2023
  • Author : Srimurugan Alagan
  • ISBN : 9786297527260
  • Format : Hardcover + eBook
  • Country : Malaysia

Written by an experienced criminal law practitioner, this book offers clear and detailed section-by-section commentary on the Penal Code. The principles of law developed through cases over the years are carefully distilled and summarised for the easy guidance of users.

The provisions of the Code are fully up-to-date and cross-references guide users through the intricacies of the working of the Code. The commentary is presented in a readable manner and contains significant recent court decisions and new legislative development, incorporating changes made by the Penal Code (Amendment) Act 2023 (Act A1681), the Penal Code (Amendment) (No 2) Act 2023 and the Abolition of Mandatory Death Penalty Act 2023 (Act 846). The distillation of principles from the case law of India and Singapore provides valuable depth to the commentary.

This comprehensive volume includes coverage of the new offence of stalking and the implementation of the abolition of the mandatory death sentence. In addition to the incisive analysis of key phrases and terms in each section of the Code, the commentary usefully highlights elements of the offence set up by each section, states the practice and procedure in respect of each offence, and provides a sample charge for each offence.

This is a much-needed commentary to add to the research armory of every lawyer, prosecutor, judge and judicial officer when handling criminal matters.

Key Features

  • Clear and detailed section-by-section commentary on the Penal Code
  • Important and applicable principles comprehensively analysed, supported by relevant authorities
  • Matters requiring proof – elements of the offence set up by each section are clearly summarised
  • Practice and procedure on handling each offence is succinctly stated
  • Sample charge is provided for each offence
  • Comparison with Indian and Singapore Penal Codes and case law from India, Singapore and other Commonwealth jurisdictions where relevant add depth to the commentary
  • Includes historical background and cross-references to other legislative provisions complementing the Penal Code