The Criminal Procedure Code: A Commentary - 2nd Edition (Student Edition)

The Criminal Procedure Code: A Commentary - 2nd Edition (Student Edition)

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Nov - 2018
  • Author : Srimurugan Alagan
  • ISBN : 9789672187851
  • Format : Softcover
  • Country : Malaysia

New to this edition:

Developments in the law arising from key amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code which came into force on March 1, 2017 covering matters below;

  • trial in the absence of an accused person,
  • provision protecting the identity of a witness testifying,
  • evidence of a protected witness to be taken through special procedure,
  • introduction of new offences into the Penal Code,
  • abolishment of whipping of a child offender as provided by the Child (Amendment) Act 2016 Act (Act A1511)
  • Appendices containing recent selected Practice Directions and commentary on criminal appeals to the Court of Appeal as well as to the Federal Court

Written by an experienced criminal law practitioner, the latest edition of this book makes available clear and detailed section-by-section commentary on the Criminal Procedure Code. The principles of law developed through cases over the years are carefully distilled and summarized for the easy guidance of users.

The provisions of the Code are fully up-to-date and cross-references guide users through the intricacies of the working of the Code. The commentary is presented in a readable manner and contains significant recent court decisions and new legislative development, incorporating changes made by the Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 2016 (Act A1521).