The  Law of Torts in Malaysia

The Law of Torts in Malaysia

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Sep - 2017
  • Author : Dr. Syed Ahmad S A Alsagoff
  • ISBN : 9789674007133
  • Format : Softcover
  • Country : Malaysia

A comprehensive and clearly written book on the law of torts in Malaysia. It includes topics which covers the syllabus for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The book places great emphasis on the law of torts as developed in Malaysia and also includes cases decided in Commonwealth countries. It goes through the nature and function of tort law, the rules and principles that govern it and the remedies available. The author honors the contribution of the nation's judges by putting their names in prominence and acknowledging their elevation to the higher bench. It is hoped that this book will be welcomed by the legal fraternity, especially judges, lawyers, law students and paralegals and be an assistance in their daily pursuit of justice.

Table of Contents

  1. The Law of Torts
  2. General Defences
  3. Duty to take care
  4. The Standard of Care
  5. Contributory Negligence
  6. The Thing Speaks for Itself
  7. Causation in Fact
  8. Causation in Law
  9. Nervous Shock
  10. Economic Loss
  11. Strict Liability- The Rule in Rylands v Fletcher
  12. Joint and Several Tortfeasors
  13. Damages
  14. Trespass to Person
  15. Trespass to Land
  16. Interference with Goods
  17. Liability for Land and Structures
  18. Passing off
  19. Defamation
  20. Malicious Falsehood
  21. Nuisance
  22. Malicious Prosecution
  23. Vicarious Liability