Privacy Law: A Primer

Privacy Law: A Primer

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Jun - 2021
  • Author : Salleh Buang
  • ISBN : 9789672919568
  • Format : Softcover + eBook
  • Country : Malaysia

Privacy Law: A Primer explains the principles of privacy law in a concise manner and provides insightful discussions of new cases and commentary, as well as the important developments in the area of privacy law in Malaysia in recent years.

This book contains 16 chapters, outlining the elements of privacy law, the evolution of privacy law in England and Malaysia, information privacy, privacy of government information, email privacy, privacy in the digital age, aerial surveillance and the law for drones, camera in public places, identity theft, confidentiality of arbitration proceedings, criminal invasion of privacy, data privacy and protection, privacy for children, privacy issues for photo journalists and privacy in Islam. Key provisions of privacy statutes as well as landmark Malaysian cases and those of major Commonwealth jurisdictions are also included.

The author has drawn on his deep experience to meticulously analyse the law to prepare a text that will benefit new legal practitioners, members of general public, judges, judicial officers, lecturers, students, journalists, reporters and other media professionals in Malaysia and abroad.

Key Features

  • Written in simple English language for easy understanding of the legal provisions governing the law of privacy.
  • Examines the different types of privacy rights that are protected.
  • Provides valuable and informative analysis of interesting and important privacy case law from Malaysia, other Commonwealth jurisdictions and the United States where relevant.
  • Discusses emerging aspects of privacy law like privacy in the digital age, aerial surveillance and the law for drones, and identity theft.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Privacy

Chapter 2: Evolution of Privacy Law in England

Chapter 3: Evolution of Privacy Law in Malaysia

Chapter 4: Information Privacy

Chapter 5: Privacy of Government Information

Chapter 6: Email Privacy

Chapter 7: Privacy in the Digital Age

Chapter 8: Aerial Surveillance: Law for Drones

Chapter 9: Camera in Public Places

Chapter 10: Identity Theft

Chapter 11: Confidentiality of Arbitration Proceedings

Chapter 12: Criminal Invasion of Privacy

Chapter 13: Data Privacy and Protection

Chapter 14: Privacy of Children

Chapter 15: Privacy Issues for Photo Journalists

Chapter 16: Privacy in Islam