My Story: Justice in the Wilderness

My Story: Justice in the Wilderness

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Jan - 2021
  • Author : Tommy Thomas
  • ISBN : 9789672464181
  • Format : Softcover
  • Country : Malaysia

As the first private practitioner in some 70 years to be appointed Attorney General of Malaysia, Tommy Thomas describes his experience in the highest legal office in the land in this highly personal book. The former AG discusses key decisions he made, including the prosecution of former Prime Minister Najib Razak, Jho Low, Arul Kanda and Goldman Sachs for their roles in the 1MDB scandal.

His book is the first insider’s account by a senior Pakatan Harapan government official on the achievements, disappointments and failures of the first non-Barisan administration in the 60-year history of independent Malaysia. His authentic voice is captured in this candid memoir, and is recommended reading for anyone interested in Malaysian politics and the law.

From the book:

Dr M told me to quit a day after appointment, Tommy says that the prime minister had informed him in June 2018 that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V had approved his appointment as AG. The very next day, he says, Mahathir wanted him to resign due to strong Malay opposition to his appointment as AG. “The rug was immediately pulled from under my feet.”

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