Modern Company Law in Malaysia

Modern Company Law in Malaysia

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Aug - 2019
  • Author : Krishnan Arjunan
  • ISBN : 9789674008482
  • Format : Softcover

This text has a comprehensive coverage of the major changes introduced by the new Companies Act 2016, including the following: no par value share system; one-person companies; unlimited capacity; optional constitution; optional objects clause; general abolition of the ‘constructive notice’ doctrine; new provisions on share buy-backs and reduction of capital; the re-vamping of insolvency laws; and the corporate rescue mechanism.

Also considered are the new Malaysian Code on Take-overs and Mergers 2016 and the derivatives regime. Apart from local cases, the text discusses cases from diverse jurisdictions such as Singapore, England, Australia and New Zealand. A salient feature of the text is that it draws liberally and sets out excerpts from some of the more important judgments under consideration so as to enable the reader to appreciate the thought processes of the judiciary.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Incorporation of Companies

Chapter 3: Classification of Companies

Chapter 4: Pre-incorporation Contracts

Chapter 5: Constitution

Chapter 6: Prospectuses

Chapter 7: Share Capital

Chapter 8: Directors and Other Officers

Chapter 9: Membership

Chapter 10: Dividends

Chapter 11: Meetings

Chapter 12: Accounts and Audits

Chapter 13: Majority Control and Minority Interests

Chapter 14: Debentures and Charges

Chapter 15: Arrangements and Reconstructions

Chapter 16: Receivership

Chapter 17: Corporate Rescue Mechanism

Chapter 18: Companies Winding-up

Chapter 19: Liquidators

Chapter 20: Take-Overs and Mergers

Chapter 21: The Securities and Derivatives Regime