Misconduct in Employment - 3rd Edition

Misconduct in Employment - 3rd Edition

Book Details
  • Publication Date : May - 2015
  • ISBN : 9789351450252
  • Author : J.K. Verma
  • Format : Hardcover
  • Country : India

The current 3rd edition of B.R. Ghaiye's Misconduct in Employment is a legal classic on the subject covering every possible aspect of the complex subject of 'Misconduct' in a wider perspective. The 3rd edition of this comprehensive work has been revised by Dr. J.K. Verma, keeping in view the emerging new concepts and changes every possible kind of 'Misconduct' and guides step by step in dealing with such cases and the likely pitfalls. The proper and proportionate punishment for different misconducts is also discussed. The author has also offered practical suggestions in dealing with strikes, lock-outs, riots, etc.

  • The rules, regulations and practices in public employment and industrial employment have been discussed separately and distinctly.
  • Sastry Award and Desai Award governing the workmen of the banks are discussed.
  • The aspect of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) has been discussed at length in accordance with the Act.
  • Technology based misconduct viz., cyber misconduct is discussed in this work.
  • A specimen form of Charge-Sheet given at the end of each chapter helps the employer to frame Charge-Sheet in case of 'Misconduct' against an employee.
  • All relevant Supreme Court and High Court judgments/orders are included.
  • Useful appendices containing statutory rules like the Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965; Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964; Certified Standing Orders, etc., are included
  • Written in a very simple and practical language so that all legal propositions are easily understood even by a layman

The book is definitely a prized collection for any library and will be immensely useful to lawyers, judges, law students, employers and employees, academicians and labour law experts

Table of Contents

Part I : Basic Concepts of Employment and General Nature of Misconduct

Chapter 1 : Employment

Chapter 2 : General Nature of Misconduct

Part II : Public Employment (Government Service)

Chapter 3 : Constitutional Provisions Relating to Government Service

Chapter 4 : Conduct Rules

Chapter 5 : Punishment

Part III : Industrial Employment

Chapter 6 : Industrial Employment

Chapter 7 : Rules Governing Conditions of Service industrial Employment

Part IV : Acts Constituting Misconduct : Penalties and Remedies

Chapter 8 : Misconduct and Conduct Rules

Chapter 9 : Absenteeism and Disobedience

Chapter 10 : Acts Harmful to the interest of the Employer

Chapter 11 : Negligence at Work

Chapter 12. Strike/Go/Slow and

Chapter 13 : Misconducts involving Dishonesty

Chapter 14 : Acts subversive of Discipline

Chapter 15 : Punishment and Remedies