Law of Evidence: A Commentary

Law of Evidence: A Commentary

Book Details
  • ISBN : 9789672339915
  • Author : Srimurugan Alagan
  • Format : Hardcover + eBook
  • Country : Malaysia
  • Publication Date : Sep - 2020

Evidence forms the essential substratum of every legal matter. The mastery of the rules of evidence enriches the toolkit of every lawyer. This book makes available clear, detailed and analytical section-by-section commentary on the Malaysian Evidence Act 1950. The principles of law developed through cases of the years, both local and foreign, are carefully distilled and summarised for the easy guidance of readers. The decisions of the Indian courts which are important for a better understanding of evidence law have been carefully considered and discussed.


The provisions of the Evidence Act are fully up-to-date and helpful cross-references guide users through the intricacies of the working of the Malaysian law of evidence. The commentary is presented in a readable style and contains significant court decisions interpreting and applying the Act.


This book meets an urgent need for a current and comprehensive commentary on the Malaysian evidence statute and should be a book not to be missed by lawyers, judges, court officers, legal advisers, lecturers and students.


Key Features

  • Clear and detailed section-by-section commentary on the Evidence Act.
  • Important applicable principles discussed, supported by relevant authorities.
  • Considers foreign cases, especially those from India, Singapore and the United Kingdom, which help to interpret and provide clearer understanding of some key provisions of the Act.
  • Includes useful historical background and cross-references to other legislation which work together with the Act.
  • Appendices on the Banker's Book Evidence Act 1949 and selected sections of the Criminal Procedure Code have been included.