Law for Business - 3rd Edition

Law for Business - 3rd Edition

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Jun - 2022
  • Author : Adnan Trakic, Nagiah Ramasamy, Cheah You Sum, Paul Linus Andrews, Sri Bala Murugan, P Vijayganesh & Kanchana Chandran
  • ISBN : 9789672723356
  • Format : Softcover + eBook
  • Country : Malaysia

This updated edition of Law for Business delivers some of the more important principles, cases and legislative provisions in business law in a clear and succinct manner. The text and materials are presented in a structure for those with and without legal background to understand the complex legal principles easily.


The edition retains 24 chapters broadly covering the following areas of law: contract law, torts, employment law, the law dealing with business organisations, i.e. sole proprietorships, partnerships and companies, sale of goods and consumer protection, banking, insurance and takaful law.


Recent developments in judicial pronouncements and legislation that impinge upon trade and business have also been included. The COVID-19 pandemic caused massive global economic and social disruption and brought into sharp focus the need for quick legislative and policy responses to the challenges of operating a business and some of these key issues have been incorporated in this work.


Key Features  

  • Enhancements to the contents with updates on the law from 2018 to April 2022.
  • Comparative approach to the analysis of the law.
  • Charts, case summaries and discussion questions are delivered exclusively in ebook.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Law

Chapter 2 - The Malaysian Legal System

Chapter 3 - Introduction to the Law of Contract

Chapter 4 - Formation of Contract: Proposal and Acceptance

Chapter 5 - Consideration

Chapter 6 - Promissory Estoppel

Chapter 7 - Intention to Create Legal Relationships and Capacity

Chapter 8 - Terms of a Contract

Chapter 9 - Exemption Clauses

Chapter 10 - Unfair Contract Terms

Chapter 11 - Vitiating Factors

Chapter 12 - Discharge from Contract

Chapter 13 - Remedies for Contract

Chapter 14 - Law of Agency

Chapter 15 - The Law of Tort and Negligence

Chapter 16 - Employment Terms and Conditions

Chapter 17 - Trade Unions in Malaysia

Chapter 18 - Sole Proprietorship and Partnership

Chapter 19 - Companies

Chapter 20 - Limited Liability Partnerships

Chapter 21 - Sale of Goods and Consumer Protection

Chapter 22 - Banking Law

Chapter 23 - Insurance Law

Chapter 24 - Takaful