Law and Practice of Construction Contracts in S’pore - 5th Edition ( 2 Vols)

Law and Practice of Construction Contracts in S’pore - 5th Edition ( 2 Vols)

Book Details
  • Country : Singapore
  • ISBN : 9789810981310
  • Author : Chow Kok Fong
  • Format : Hardcover + eBook
  • Publication Date : Aug - 2018

Regarded as the leading title for construction practitioners over the past 25 years, the fifth edition incorporates ground-breaking decisions on jurisdictional issues while taking into consideration the newer editions of the major standard forms such as FIDIC 2017. It also provides a commentary on the Singapore Institute of Architects Building Contracts 2016.

Featured Court of Appeal decisions include:

  • Grouteam Pte Ltd v UES Holdings Pte Ltd (2016) 
  • Audi Construction Pte Ltd v Kian Hiap Construction Pte Ltd (2018)
  • Comfort Management Pte Ltd v OGSP Engineering Pte Ltd (2018)

Mr. Chow Kok Fong, is highly regarded by legal practitioners and construction professionals alike. With over 33 years of corporate experience in the construction & real estate sector, Mr. Chow was the former chairman of the Society of Construction Law in Singapore and is currently the Founder / President of the Society of Project Managers in Singapore.

Contents Volume 1            

Chapter 1 General Principles           

Chapter 2 Contract Models and Standard Forms          

Chapter 3 Pricing and Claim Practices            

Chapter 4 Redress for Breach of Contract     

Chapter 5 Variations Claims

Chapter 6 Variations and Claims arising from Subsurface Conditions       

Chapter 7 Valuation of Variations Claims        

Chapter 8 Payments and Certification            

Chapter 9 Time for Completion        

Chapter 10 Claims relating to Delay and Disruption

Chapter 11 Performance Bonds      

Chapter 12 Insurance Matters      

Chapter 13 Claims Arising from Termination

Chapter 14 Matters Following Termination 


Contents Volume 2            

Chapter 15 Subcontracts and Assignment     

Chapter 16 Negligence Issues in Construction              

Chapter 17 Construction Litigation  

Chapter 18 Arbitration      

Chapter 19 Adjudication   

Chapter 20 Dispute Boards               

Chapter 21 Preparation and Negotiation of Claims      

Chapter 22 Project Financing

Chapter 23 Commentary on the Singapore Institute of Architects Building Contract 2016 without quantities