Law and Practice of Civil Litigation in Malaysia

Law and Practice of Civil Litigation in Malaysia

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Oct - 2022
  • Author : Robert Lazar (General Editor)
  • ISBN : 9789672723707
  • Format : Hardcover + eBook
  • Country : Malaysia

This book is a comprehensive reference on civil litigation practice in Malaysia. Prepared to unparalleled quality by a team of expert contributors, many of whom are experienced court litigators, and led by a General Editor who is an eminent and distinguished counsel, it provides thorough, in-depth and well-researched guidance for the successful conduct of civil litigation.

Prepared with court lawyers in mind, the book covers key topical areas of civil litigation practice as well as costs, alternative dispute resolution and the ethics of litigation. The in-depth commentary in this treatise, which is supported by copious citation of case authorities, applicable statutory provisions and relevant practice directions, contains a wealth of valuable experience to aid its user in navigating through the intricacies of civil practice. The application of the provisions of the Rules of Court 2012 is given careful treatment to ensure a firm appreciation of all the court procedures. Appeals as well as enforcement and execution including bankruptcy and winding up are considered in detail to cover post-litigation matters.

To make this book a complete source of reference for the busy litigator, instructive checklists and useful sample documents have been included to complement the invaluable commentary, making it an indispensable repository of materials to support a productive and successful civil litigation practice.

Key Features

  • Experienced and respected authorship with abundant practical experience.
  • Completely up-to-date and covers all key matters encountered in current litigation practice.
  • Clear and detailed commentary on substantive law, practice and procedure.
  • Contains thorough discussion and analysis of the Rules of Court 2012.
  • Provides a systematic examination and explanation of the processes involved in civil litigation in Malaysia.
  • Supported by instructive checklists which provide step-by-step guidance on processes which are especially procedural in nature.
  • Makes available helpful collection of forms and precedents commonly used in litigation.

Table of Contents

1. Commencing Litigation 

2. Pleadings

3. Interlocutory Applications

4. Injunctions and Interim Relief

5. Documentary and Discovery Evidence 

6. Preparing for Trial      

7. The Trial

8. Advocacy at Trial

9. Disposal of Matters Without Full Trial

10. Negotiation, Mediation and Settlement

11. Withdrawal and Discontinuance

12. Costs

13. Appeals

14. Enforcement and Execution of Judgments and Orders (including Bankruptcy and Winding Up)

15. Arbitration-Related Matters

16. Ethical Matters