Environmental Law in Malaysia

Environmental Law in Malaysia

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Dec - 2023
  • Author : Sheila Ramalingam
  • ISBN : 9786297527482
  • Format : Softcover + eBook
  • Country : Malaysia

Environmental law encompasses the study of the laws that regulate the impact of human activities on the environment. As we continually seek to protect the earth we live on, the ideal is to find ways of conducting human activity which do not destroy the environment. The study of environmental law is necessarily multi-faceted, more so in Malaysia where environmental law is made more complex as it involves constitutional and administrative law, federal and state laws, common law, subsidiary legislation, policies, guidelines and human rights. It is a dynamic area of the law with changes occurring rapidly.

This book comprehensively covers key areas of environmental law in Malaysia. Beginning with an overview of the sources of law, both local and international, the book moves on to survey the very topical concern of climate change before considering the important relationship between the Federal Constitution and the environment. A chapter is specifically devoted towards the prosecution and enforcement of environmental law.

The key applicable statute – the Environmental Quality Act 1974 – is given detailed analysis and study to cover its general administration, its regulation of pollution and the conduct of environmental impact assessments. The subjects of waste, forestry and wildlife are carefully discussed as these constitute significant aspects of the environment. Closing the comprehensive coverage of this book is the survey of human rights and the environment, a topic of current focus which has generated landmark cases that have reached the Federal Court.

This up-to-date treatment of the applicable laws provides a valuable compendium of statutory and case law which seek to protect, preserve and promote the environment in Malaysia.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive and analytical view of environmental protection in Malaysia.
  • Survey on multi-dimensional aspects of law which make up this subject.
  • Coverage of current concerns on climate change and the operation of international law.
  • Consideration of constitutional safeguards for the environment.
  • Careful discussion of the operation of the Environmental Quality Act 1974.
  • Study on the execution of environmental impact assessments.
  • Review of national and international regulations in respect of waste.
  • Elucidation on measures to protect wildlife and the forests.
  • Discussion of the application of human rights in environmental protection.
  • Citation of a vast number of local and international statutes, conventions and policies.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Sources of Environmental Law in Malaysia
  3. International Law and the Environment
  4. Climate Change
  5. The Constitution and the Environment
  6. Environmental Litigation in Malaysia
  7. Environmental Quality Act 1974: General and Administration
  8. Environmental Quality Act 1974: Pollution
  9. Environmental Quality Act 1974: Environmental Impact Assessment
  10. Waste
  11. Forestry in Malaysia
  12. Wildlife in Malaysia
  13. Human Rights and the Environment
  14. Beyond Today: Into the Future