Drafting Commercial Agreements - 6th Edition

Drafting Commercial Agreements - 6th Edition

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Nov - 2016
  • Author : Richard Christou
  • ISBN : 9780414058439
  • Format : Hardcover + CD-ROM
  • Country : U.K

Commentary on, and provision of, precedents for use by the commercial practitioner advising clients on a range of business transactions. Includes all the most common transactions with related precedents grouped at the end of each chapter. CD-rom also contains all the precedent material.

Main Features

  • Analyses agreements, basic principles, around the supply of goods and services
  • Analyses agreements, basic principles around agency and distribution
  • Analyses agreements, basic principles around mergers and acquisitions
  • Covers a wide range of other commercial agreements including:

o joint ventures

o confidentiality agreements

o employment contracts

o teaming agreements

o Securities for debts

o Dispute resolution and settlement agreements

o Technology licensing agreements

  • Provides precedents for all the areas of commercial agreements covered in the work
  • Includes cross references to main case law
  • Written by a high profile author with established track record and high-profile in this market
  • Includes a CD-rom of complete precedents for immediate use in drafting