Cyber Law in Malaysia: Principles and Practices

Cyber Law in Malaysia: Principles and Practices

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Feb - 2024
  • Author : Dr. Sonny Zulhuda & Dr. Ridoan Karim
  • ISBN : 9786297527659
  • Format : Hardcover + eBook
  • Country : Malaysia

Cyber Law in Malaysia: Principles and Practices aims to provide valuable legal and policy insights into Malaysian cyber laws, starting with the international context and then assessing Malaysian development from legislative and judicial perspectives as well as administrative measures. When applicable, references to international treaties and foreign laws and cases are made and discussed. This book aims to be a leading text for all legal practitioners, lawmakers, researchers, students, or even general readers to understand the perspectives of cyber law and policy-making processes in Malaysia.


Highlights of this edition


  • Introduces the concept of law in the context of the information society and traces the development of the Internet and digital ecosystem.
  • Explores fundamental legal issues, such as the regulability of the Internet, jurisdictional issues, and the relationship between the Internet and human rights, as well as the content regulations.
  • Analyses various legal topics, including digital privacy, personal data protection, cybercrimes, and e-commerce laws.
  • Addresses emerging issues, such as multi-stakeholder platform governance and the emergence of blockchain, digital payment systems, and artificial intelligence.
  • Offers legal insights on the emerging cybersecurity law and the protection of critical information infrastructure.
  •  References to international treaties, foreign laws, and cases.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Law and Information Society

1. History and Development of the Internet

2. Internet Law and Governance

3. Jurisdiction in Cyberspace

4. Speech and Content Regulation

5. Liability of Online Intermediary Platforms for Third-Party Contents


Part 2: Personal Data Protection


6. Cyberspace and Privacy

7. Personal Data Protection Law: Background and International Development

8. The Transatlantic Development of Personal Data Protection Law

9. Personal Data Protection Law in Malaysia: Basic Concept, Rights of Data Subject and the Governance Framework

10. The Personal Data Protection Principles


Part 3: Cybercrime


11. The Concept and Development of Cybercrime

12. International Conventions on Cybercrime vis-�-vis the Malaysian Law

13. Computer Misuse

14. Cyber Fraud, Cyberstalking and Cyberterrorism

15. Cyber Security and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection


Part 4: E-Commerce and Digital Assets


16. Electronic Contract

17. Fintech and Electronic Payment Systems

18. Consumer Protection in E-Commerce

19. Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace

20. Emerging Issues in Cyber Law