Criminal Law in Malaysia

Criminal Law in Malaysia

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Jul - 2023
  • Author : Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed & Muhamad Hassan Ahmad
  • ISBN : 9786297527192
  • Format : Softcover
  • Country : Malaysia

Criminal Law in a key area of the law which operates and continues to grow each day. There is no doubt that an up-to-date title such as this is very much needed today. Encompassing 31 chapters, Criminal Law in Malaysia provides an excellent coverage of the major areas of Criminal Law, both those within the ambit of the Penal Code and those covered by other independent statutes such as drug trafficking, money laundering, cyber crime, sedition and Islamic criminal law.


Setting out clearly the elements and scope of the many types of criminal offences and corresponding punishments imposed, this title is the go-to text for all students studying Criminal Law in the Malaysian curriculum. Written with easy comprehension as its foremost objective, the text affords quick mastery of this wide and complex area of law. Besides covering the substantive topics of Criminal Law, ancillary matters like abetment, joint liability, conspiracy, attempt and applicable defences are also considered. The inclusion of chapters on Islamic criminal law and International criminal law broadens the coverage of this book.


The operation of the Abolition of Mandatory Death Penalty Bill 2023 which was recently passed by Parliament to remove mandatory death sentences from the Penal statutes besides redefining the sentence of imprisonment of life has been discussed in a dedicated chapter to keep abreast with this key development in criminal sentencing in Malaysia.


Written by subject matter experts from different Malaysian universities, the chapters in the book comply with the requirements of the course outline of Criminal Law which is taught in most local universities thereby making it a key reference text. With its expert writers from diverse backgrounds and experience, this book should be of great interest not only to undergraduate law students but also to the general public who may want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the essentials of Malaysian Criminal Law. 


Key Features


  • Provides comprehensive coverage of Criminal Law, written in a practical and simplified manner for easy understanding
  • Adequately supported by case law and statutory provisions with other references providing signposts for further readings
  • Wide coverage that includes crimes of topical concern like terrorism, money laundering, cyber crimes, and corporate criminal liability
  • Contains useful overview of the criminal jurisdiction of the courts and outline of key criminal processes
  • Multiple contributors from various universities, making this the go-to student text 
  • Discusses operation of the Abolition of Mandatory Death Penalty Act 2023
  • Includes coverage of Islamic criminal law and international criminal law