Companies Voluntary Winding-Up Handbook

Companies Voluntary Winding-Up Handbook

Book Details
  • Author : Cheah Foo Seong & Lee Siew Kim
  • ISBN : 9789672339939
  • Publication Date : Aug - 2020
  • Format : Softcover + eBook
  • Country : Malaysia

This handbook covers various aspects of voluntary winding-up, i.e members' and creditors' voluntary winding-up. It discusses the law concerning voluntary winding-up and related practices, with the text supported by relevant flow-charts, forms, notices and sample minutes of Board of Directors meeting and notification of resolutions. The diverse matters covered in the book include:

  • Procedures of voluntary winding-up;
  • Effects of passing a resolution by members to wind up a company;
  • Grounds for voluntary winding-up of a company;
  • Declaration of solvency;
  • Roles and responsibilities of liquidators;
  • Practical issues affecting liquidators;
  • Striking off name of company; and
  • Consequences of winding-up to a company and limited liability partnership (LLP)

The principal audience of this handbook are accountants, company secretaries and professionals who are involved in voluntary winding-up work. It will also be a valuable guide to legal practitioners who are new and may have limited experience in this area, to carry out the work more smoothly from start to end. For the more experienced practitioner, this will be a handy work companion. This handbook will also be beneficial to students who are pursuing their further studies in the Business, Accounting and Corporate Administration fields.

Key Features

  • Written in simple English language for easy understanding of the legal provisions governing voluntary winding-up.
  • Written by authors with vast company law and corporate secretarial experience.
  • Systematic and well-structured organisation of content supported by relevant statutory and case authorities.
  • Useful flow-charts, forms, notices and sample documents.
  • Important forms of the Companies Commission of Malaysia are reproduced for easy reference.