Commercial Law in Malaysia - 2nd Edition

Commercial Law in Malaysia - 2nd Edition

Book Details
  • Author : Professor Datin Dr Lee Mei Pheng, Datuk Detta Samen & Ivan Jeron Detta
  • ISBN : 9789674009007
  • Country : Malaysia
  • Publication Date : Jun - 2020
  • Format : Softcover

This book contains comprehensive reference material on the various aspects of commercial law including the traditional legal topics on agency, partnership, sale of goods, hire-purchase, insurance, negotiable instruments and cheques; and a more current topic on electronic commerce. This book provides a convenient source of reference on commercial law in the Malaysian context.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Commercial Law - An overview

Chapter 2 Law of Contract

Chapter 3 Agency

Chapter 4 Partnership Law

Chapter 5 Sales of Goods

Chapter 6 Hire-Purchase

Chapter 7 Insurance

Chapter 8 Negotiable Instruments (Excluding Cheques)

Chapter 9 Cheques

Chapter 10 Electronic Commerce

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