Commercial Law - 10th Edition

Commercial Law - 10th Edition

Book Details
  • Publication Date : Oct - 2022
  • Author : Ryan James Turner
  • ISBN : 9780414103412
  • Format : Softcover
  • Country : U.K

Commercial Law presents a clear and detailed account of commercial law, covering the fundamental principles and how the law works in practice. The work concentrates on those topics common to the majority of undergraduate law courses such as sale of goods, consumer credit and agency.

In addition, Commercial Law:

  • Includes topical and relevant practical examples to help draw out key principles
  • Uses introductions to parts to link the law into its wider context
  • Contains references to further reading and web-based sources at the end of each chapter to enable further study of the subject

Commercial Law is an essential textbook for those studying law at degree or graduate diploma level. Its clarity and comprehensive coverage also make it an indispensable resource.